AJ Hall is an American DJ, writer, small business leader, and ordained minister.

AJ knows that his career choices sound like the start of a joke, “a DJ, a business man, and a preacher walk into a bar”… but he says he is now an odd combination of all three. But no matter what AJ has been doing, he has always strived to uplift and inspire others with his words, work, and art.

As a 19-year-old DJ, with residencies in bars and clubs in Gainesville, Florida, AJ led a wild and unsustainable party lifestyle. In December of 2003, his life was turned upside down when both he and his father had very powerful spiritual experiences surrounding the last days of his father’s life. AJ says he then had an undeniable, and completely unplanned, encounter with the love of God at his father’s deathbed. In 2007, AJ stepped away from professional DJ’ing to pursue non-profit and charity work full-time.

AJ and Christina reside in Jacksonville, Florida with their dog, Puff the Pomeranian. AJ and Christina attend and love their local church, Celebration Church.